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A highly controversial post involving forwards Sean Monahan and Max Domi

Published December 26, 2023 at 8:12 PM

Since his arrival with the Canadiens, analysts unanimously agree: Sean Monahan is crucial for Martin St-Louis' squad. His contribution extends beyond offensive production; he excels in the faceoff circle and performs well in all aspects of the game. Additionally, he serves as a veteran leader of high quality for the younger players.

With 37 points in his last 53 games, primarily playing on the third line, he is a steal at $1.985 million. Kent Hughes made a significant impact with this acquisition.

There was a debated topic on TSN Overdrive that did not achieve a consensus. I say debated, but everyone was unanimous: they prefer Max Domi over Sean Monahan as the third-line center. Awkward!

Without taking anything away from Domi, who had some great moments with the Canadiens, he is not the shadow of the center that Monahan is.

"TSN Overdrive: 'Would you rather have Monahan or Domi as your 3rd line centre?'

They all say Domi 😅

Apparently they'd rather take the guy with 3 goals instead of the guy with 9 goals." - HabsOnReddit

In his last 50 games, Domi gathered 25 points, including 5 goals. Not only is he less productive, but he is also less complete as a center.

Obviously, fan reactions are abundant. Almost no one agrees with them, and rightfully so. Everything Domi has achieved in his career, Monahan has done better, and even today, he outperforms him. It's really hard to explain how someone could prefer the former number 13 of the Canadiens to the current number 91.

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A highly controversial post involving forwards Sean Monahan and Max Domi

Do you prefer Sean Monahan or Max Domi as the third-line center?

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