A major trade proposal has been raised between the Habs and the Rangers, and it is causing a lot of buzz

Elias Adaime
April 27, 2023  (1:38 PM)

As we are about ten days away from the famous NHL draft lottery that will determine the fate of the Canadiens for the next draft, discussions are increasingly fueled about what could happen with the Habs during this crazy day.

In connection with the first round of the draft, a trade proposal has been raised by Marco Normandin, of site Habsolumentfan.com, that is causing a lot of buzz and leaving no one indifferent. I should mention that this exercise was purely speculative and the goal was to fuel discussions.
As we know that Kent Hughes would potentially like to make another "Kirby Dach-like" trade that would accelerate the rebuilding process while respecting the organization's long-term plan, there could well be a bold move by the Habs GM again this year.
So, here's the imagined trade proposal that could materialize (or not) at the next draft.
If New York Rangers general manager Chris Drury gave Kent Hughes a call and asked for the Canadiens' first pick (a top-7 pick) in return for Alexis Lafreniere, would you do it?
The proposal could technically hold up, given that the Quebec forward was a first overall pick, and everyone hopes he will bloom soon, much like Dach did this season at age 21. His potential is still very much there, and a change of scenery may benefit his career in the future.
However, even though Lafrenière could play immediately in Montreal and the top-7 pick may not join the team for at least another year, there is a good chance that this prospect could have a greater long-term impact in the NHL than the Rangers' number 13.
It must be admitted that there is room for debate and reflection, in the event that this trade offer is presented on Hughes' table on June 28th.
Would you accept this trade if you were Kent Hughes?
Credit: HabsetLNH.com
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A major trade proposal has been raised between the Habs and the Rangers, and it is causing a lot of buzz

If you were in Kent Hughes' position, would you trade the Canadiens' 2023 first pick in exchange for Lafrenière?

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No36577.5 %
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