A monster transaction involving Cole Caufield and William Nylander? It was just brought up by a Toronto journalist

Published August 28, 2023 at 10:01

The situation with William Nylander and the Toronto Maple Leafs is bound to be a hot topic in the upcoming season, especially since he will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2024.

Due to the obvious salary cap issues, with already three players earning over $10M a year, if we consider that Nylander will join this club in a few months, it no longer makes sense for Toronto to retain his services.

To avoid losing him for nothing next July, some believe it would be logical for the organization to try trading him soon. The Swedish forward's name is making the rounds in the NHL, including in Montreal.

In connection with the Canadiens, in recent hours, a Toronto journalist, Michael Traikos, mentioned that a potential return for Nylander would be huge, even suggesting a price for Kent Hughes.

[In the event of a trade] Canadiens fans won't like the return! I believe the names of Caufield, Slafkovsky, and Guhle would be in the discussions. - Michael Traikos

Wow! While I understand the reality that a player of Nylander's caliber could fetch a lot in a trade, it would be an absolutely ridiculous price for the Canadiens, especially since the team isn't necessarily in a position to win right now.

It's clear that in the context of such a transaction, Hughes won't be listening for long. In my opinion, the three names mentioned are untouchables in the current team context.

I can very well see him joining the Canadiens in the summer of 2024 by signing a staggering offer in free agency, but at this price to acquire him via a trade, it's unreasonable.

The same journalist, who covered the Maple Leafs for the National Post, added this:

Nylander is a dynamic player, with a good stride and can score. But sometimes, he can disappear for two weeks and become invisible. - Michael Traikos

Let's say, in the context of an addition that costs nothing but annual money, Nylander would be a major boost for the Canadiens' offense. However, with a trade involving promising young players like Caufield, Slafkovsky, and Guhle, it would be far too risky.

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A monster transaction involving Cole Caufield and William Nylander? It was just brought up by a Toronto journalist

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