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A powerful statement from Geoff Molson that will greatly please the fans

Published January 16, 2024 at 7:02 PM

Montreal Canadiens are in a rebuilding phase, as we all know. Even though many hockey figures refuse to use the exact term, the team's owner doesn't shy away from it.

For a long time, mentioning the word 'rebuild' was taboo, and the team was merely surviving or making the playoffs without a real chance to win.

The club's tradition of excellence is very much real, but today's reality with the salary cap means that all organizations go through this phase.

Asked about it, Geoff Molson made a statement beyond expectations:

"This is the first time in the history of this team that we are completely rebuilding, and I want it to be done right."

- Geoff Molson

The owner adds that he is aware that the fans' patience has limits, but he absolutely does not want to cut corners. Building a winning team is not something that happens overnight.

Currently, we can see progress in the team, and that's what matters. The young players are becoming more comfortable, and the mix with the veterans is good.

The Canadiens' strategy won't guarantee success, but it will give them every chance to become a competitive team.

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A powerful statement from Geoff Molson that will greatly please the fans

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