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A veteran NHL goaltender arriving in the Canadiens organization unexpectedly?

Published December 17, 2023 at 11:29

While the goaltending situation in Montreal has been complicated since the beginning of the year, it cannot be denied that all three goaltenders have been contributing to the team's success. Jake Allen, Cayden Primeau, and Samuel Montembeault all provide a chance to win for the Canadiens in the majority of games.

On the other hand, the situation in Laval is entirely different. The team is losing matchups due to poor performances from its goaltenders, and it's becoming embarrassing.

There might be reinforcements coming in that department.

Carolina Hurricanes veteran Antti Raanta was placed on waivers on Saturday afternoon. If he goes unclaimed, he could end up in Laval because the Hurricanes are not affiliated with any AHL team this season.

"Situation to monitor here. If Antti Raanta goes unclaimed, he could be assigned to an AHL team. Could the Rocket get involved in this matter? I remind you that the Hurricanes don't have a firm AHL affiliate this year."

- Via Anthony Marcotte

It would undoubtedly be excellent news for the Rocket but not so good for the Canadiens and Kent Hughes.

If Raanta, with solid career statistics and a salary of $1.5 million, goes unclaimed, what are the chances of Jake Allen being traded? They are relatively low, unless Hughes retains a significant amount of salary or accepts a very unfavorable contract in return.

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A veteran NHL goaltender arriving in the Canadiens organization unexpectedly?

In your opinion, will Kent Hughes be able to trade Jake Allen without retaining salary and without accepting a bad contract in return?

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