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After Sean Monahan, it is now confirmed for David Savard

Published February 2, 2024 at 3:32 PM
Kent Hughes gave a very interesting press conference this noon, following this morning's trade of Sean Monahan. He responded transparently to the questions from journalists.

Keeping Sean was a possibility, but it was better for both parties to part ways. The Canadiens were comfortable letting him go for a first-round pick.

For those who would have liked to acquire a quality young active player, Hughes was clear: no team offered him one. Now that Monahan is gone, Hughes expects a quick return from Alex Newhook to compensate for this loss and a collective effort.

A few weeks ago, another veteran possibly on the market, David Savard, was asked whether he thinks he will be traded or if he would be disappointed if it happens.

The defenseman replied that he has been through it before and is not worried about it, that it's part of the game. However, he expects to have a discussion with Kent Hughes first.

It was now the GM's turn to be asked the question, highlighting Savard's response. Here's what he had to say:

"My door is always open. All players are available if it helps the team. If someone calls me tomorrow and offers me Connor McDavid, I'll make an offer.

However, if you're asking me if I'm actively trying to trade David right now, the answer is no."

- Kent Hughes

This means that if a team calls the Canadiens and asks for Savard, making an offer that Hughes cannot refuse, he will trade him. Otherwise, he will remain with the Canadiens until the end of the season.

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After Sean Monahan, it is now confirmed for David Savard

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