An Extremely Controversial Statement about Carey Price has just Surfaced

Elliot Ben Jacob
July 21, 2023  (1:25 PM)

During a stint on BPM Sports, the colourful journalist Bertrand Raymond stirred fans of the Montreal Canadiens with a highly controversial statement related to Carey Price's place in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Having previously sat on the selection committee, Raymond claimed that Carey Price simply did not deserve this honor. The reason for his refusal to accept the Canadiens' star goaltender is that he has never won the Stanley Cup.
"Bertrand Raymond was on the Hall of Fame selection committee for several years. According to him, Carey Price does not deserve his place there, since he does not have a Stanley Cup. What do you think?"

- Via BPM Sports

Wow! I must say that I totally disagree with Raymond's statement.
On the one hand, the criterion of winning at least one Stanley Cup to be accepted into the Hall is becoming increasingly obsolete. The NHL now has 32 teams, which significantly reduces the chances of winning top honors compared to before when there were fewer than 20 teams in the league.
Moreover, the Hall of Fame does not only reward performances in the National League but also at the international level. Now, the Canadiens' number 31 has won a gold medal at the U20 World Championship, another at the 2014 Olympics where he was on fire, and a last one at the 2016 World Cup.
Finally, Price has proved that even if he was not lucky to play his entire career with a very ordinary team, he was one of the best goalies in the NHL for many seasons, with astonishing numbers to support:
In short, if we consider that Roberto Luongo and most recently Henrik Lundqvist have received the honor of becoming a member of the Hall of Fame, even though they have never won a Stanley Cup, I don't see why this argument would be valid for Price's candidacy.
To hear Bertrand Raymond's interview, it's here:
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An Extremely Controversial Statement about Carey Price has just Surfaced

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