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Big statement from Jonathan Drouin about Montreal, the fans, and the Bell Centre

Published December 18, 2023 at 8:52 PM

It hasn't always been easy for Drouin in Montreal, but despite the challenges, fans have shown him love on several occasions. Now that he's in Colorado, things are going well for him as he contributes more regularly to the scoresheet. Let's just say he doesn't miss certain aspects of his former life in Montreal.

"Hockey is still big, but you can distance yourself from it. I can go to the butcher now, ask the butcher what kind of steak he got this week. My life is a bit more open, more relaxed.

It's pretty much like my expectations. It's even a bit better. The guys are hungry, they want to win, they experienced it two years ago. They know the feeling of winning. The new guys, we've been well integrated. The coach is good." - Jonathan Drouin

Obviously, even though he seems to be living in perfect happiness, he misses some things from his time with the Canadiens, and he sends a beautiful message to the fans:

"What I miss is the Bell Centre. It's such a special place to play. That, and the relationships with some teammates. Even though we won less in recent years, you build beautiful relationships. I miss that, the Bell Centre, but not the high snowbanks like that!" - Jonathan Drouin

If the Bell Centre is special, it's only because of the fans there night after night. Just look at the massive ovation given to Josh Anderson on Saturday night. It was simply magical, and Jo has already received such a dose of love from the fans in the same building.

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Big statement from Jonathan Drouin about Montreal, the fans, and the Bell Centre

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