Big statement regarding Kirby Dach's return this season

Published November 1, 2023 at 10:21
Kirby Dach had a successful surgery yesterday and posted on his Instagram account that rehabilitation has begun. He seems more motivated than ever, and it's great to see that he's keeping his spirits up despite everything.

Operated on by a highly reputable doctor from New York, the forward was in very good hands. However, there was one condition for the same doctor to agree to perform the surgery: Dach must not return to the game before a minimum of eight months. Even in the best-case scenario, his season is officially over.

"This doctor has too often seen athletes come back to the game after six or seven months. It caused other problems. The player would end up with hip or groin injuries.

So don't be surprised if Dach is back on the ice somewhere in February.

We'll say, 'He'll be back soon!' No, he won't be back soon.

He has to rebuild the strength around his knee. Don't expect him to return to the game unless the Habs are in the Stanley Cup semifinals or finals."

- Renaud Lavoie

Again, if the recovery period is a minimum of eight months, he could theoretically return to the game in July, and the Stanley Cup winner will already have been crowned.

So his knee will be strong enough for him to resume on-ice training this winter, but that doesn't mean he will be back in action, far from it.

It reminds us of a certain Carey Price, who we saw on the ice long before his return but was not ready to play games.

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