Carter Hart to Montreal? An absolutely ridiculous trade proposal has been raised

Published May 27, 2023 at 1:24 PM

With the NHL Draft taking place in four weeks, many experts believe that the Montreal Canadiens have two major needs: finding a true future goaltender and acquiring an elite forward.

If the 5th overall pick that the organization holds can probably address one of the two needs, by adding a high-level offensive talent, the need to fill the number one goaltender position will not be quickly resolved with a draft pick.

However, with rumors circulating that the Philadelphia Flyers would be open to trading young goaltender Carter Hart, it didn't take much more for a connection to be made with the Canadiens.

In relation to a potential transaction that could bring Hart to Montreal, as he does every day, coach Mitch Giguère responded to questions from fans, and one proposal made us jump.

Here is the transaction proposed to acquire Carter Hart:

To Montreal
- Carter Hart

To Philadelphia
- Sean Farrell
- Jordan Harris
- Cayden Primeau
- 1st round 2023 (from Florida)

We were downright shocked that such a trade would be mentioned for him.

Although he is only 24 years old and was once perceived as a potential elite goaltender in the NHL, Hart has absolutely not proven himself in terms of consistency. After a very promising first season at the age of 20, he still hasn't lived up to the enormous expectations that were set for him.

Although a change of scenery could be beneficial for him, the proposed price for his acquisition is downright laughable.

Obviously, Philadelphia won't let him go for nothing, but this offer makes no sense given Hart's current resume in the NHL. There would be only one winning team in this transaction, and it's the Flyers.

In 201 career games, Carter Hart has a goals-against average of 2.96 and a save percentage of 0.907.

If you were the GM of the Canadiens, would you make this trade?

Credit: HabsetLNH.com
May 27   |   18 answers
Carter Hart to Montreal? An absolutely ridiculous trade proposal has been raised

Harris + Farrell + Primeau + the Panthers' 1st pick vs Carter Hart, would you do it?

Yes633.3 %
No1266.7 %
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