Confirmation for Milan Lucic, and he is seriously in trouble

Published November 20, 2023 at 4:04 PM

It was announced on Saturday that Milan Lucic was arrested by the police for a case of domestic violence. We often hear such accusations, but it's very rare for it to become serious.

However, for Lucic, it seems that it is true, and his wife is not letting go of the matter. He will appear in court tomorrow in Boston.

"Milan Lucic to be arraigned in Boston on one count of assault and battery against a family member after he allegedly attacked his wife and pulled her hair.

Police reportedly observed a broken lamp and shards of glass."

The on-site evidence seems to incriminate him, especially as rumors suggest he was under the influence of alcohol when the police arrived.

The explanations of what happened are chilling. Here is his wife's version:

"She stated she tried to walk away from her husband, and he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her backward," the police wrote in the report, according to the Globe. "She stated that, in doing so, the suspect told her she was not going anywhere." - Via DailyFaceoff

In short, there was clear evidence of violence when the authorities arrived. The only thing one can hope for in this story is that justice is served.

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Confirmation for Milan Lucic, and he is seriously in trouble

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