Connor Bedard: We just witnessed a major turn of events leading up to the 2023 draft

Wilson Salaun
April 12, 2023  (3:32 PM)

The end of the NHL season is marked by exciting races. On one hand, there is the race to determine which teams will qualify for the upcoming playoffs. On the other hand, there is the race to determine who will have the best chance to win the Connor Bedard lottery. While the former is always thrilling, the latter has just taken an unexpected turn.

The lottery rules show a significant difference in terms of percentage chances of obtaining the first overall pick depending on the team's position. In fact, the difference between positions 32, 31, and 30 is considerable, ranging from 25.5% for last place to 13.5% for position 31 and 11.5% for position 30. A simple change in position can therefore make all the difference.
Indeed, the current situation reflects this reality as the two teams that occupied the bottom of the standings for most of the season are now winning games and accumulating points.
The Chicago Blackhawks and the Columbus Blue Jackets are climbing up the ranks, making the race for the last place increasingly competitive. The Anaheim Ducks are also in the mix, and the battle for this crucial position is turning into a three-team fight.

Indeed, the Habs still have a chance to climb at least one spot in the overall standings, which would place them ahead of the Coyotes and reduce their chances of getting the first overall pick to 7.5%.
However, achieving this goal will depend as much on the Habs' performance in their next two games as it will on the Coyotes' performance in their final game, which will be played on their home ice.
Thus, we will have a clearer idea of each team's chances in the coming days, as the NHL season is ending soon. The lottery draw to determine the selection order will take place on May 8th at 7pm and will be broadcast live on television. This event will be crucial for all teams looking to improve their position in the draft and select the best available players for their team.
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Connor Bedard: We just witnessed a major turn of events leading up to the 2023 draft

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