Controversial Statement on Chantal Machabée and Martin St-Louis Sparks Debate

Published December 1, 2023 at 3:48

There has been significant praise for the Montreal Canadiens' prospect pool, particularly highlighting defensemen like Logan Mailloux, David Reinbacher, and Lane Hutson, as well as goaltender Jacob Fowler, who is making a name for himself.

However, the glaring issue with this promising pool of talent is the apparent absence of a standout offensive star. None of the current team members or prospects seem to have the potential to become a true superstar, consistently producing more than a point per game. It's a noticeable lack of offensive firepower.

In this context, Philippe Boucher drew a parallel with Chantal Machabée and Martin St-Louis, sparking considerable discussion, even though the intention is by no means to diminish their contributions.

"As long as Martin St-Louis and Chantal Machabée are the two big stars of the Montreal Canadiens, we won't win many hockey games," emphasized Boucher. "I tread carefully in saying this because these are two people I respect a lot, but who are we building around in Montreal? Who are our superstars?"

The former NHL player makes an interesting point. Yes, the core is good, but it's not excellent; there are gaps.

"Who is our core that we want to build around in Montreal? Who are our superstars? I don't see many. I love Caufield, I love Suzuki, but as long as they are uncontested on the first line, first power play with Anderson as the bumper, we won't win many hockey games in Montreal," added Boucher.

With the cap space that Kent Hughes will have in the coming years, many hope he will make a big move to sign an elite player. Others believe that the draft is where the Canadiens can find these unique, talented players. At this point, all that remains is to hope that the team adopts the right strategy for a better future.

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Controversial Statement on Chantal Machabée and Martin St-Louis Sparks Debate

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