Criticized by some players because of a particular decision, Martin St. Louis perfectly addressed the situation

Published May 30, 2023 at 8:32 PM

The head coach of the Canadiens was a guest of Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette on their podcast Spittin' Chicklets. Martin St. Louis particularly reflected on his first full season as a head coach in the NHL, mentioning that he still has a lot of work to do to continue improving.

Indeed, Martin St. Louis is sometimes so captivated by the game that he struggles to properly divide the playtime of his forwards, especially when several penalties are called one after the other. This is a situation that has occasionally created some tension between the players and the Canadiens' head coach.

"I'm not the best at rolling the bench," he admitted when talking about situations where the game is focused on special units. "However, I'm improving and I want to continue to improve."

It's nice to see how transparent Martin St. Louis is about this situation, especially since he wants to improve this aspect in the future. He also brought up a very important aspect that shows why he has an excellent relationship with his players. According to him, it's as crucial to coach players individually as it is to coach the team.

"One of my favourite things to do is to coach the individual. If you're able to do that, we're all gonna benefit from it. In my time in the NHL, I think the ‘individual' got lost, everything was about coaching the ‘team' » - Coach Marty on how coaching players has evolved.."

Martin St. Louis is aware that he needs to take the time to instruct his players individually so that they can reach their full potential and thus make a greater contribution to the team. We remember the video that went viral where we saw the Canadiens' head coach giving advice to Cole Caufield. A few days later, the forward scored a goal using Martin St. Louis' instructions.

The Tricolore can consider itself lucky to have such a dedicated head coach. We are convinced that he will be able to significantly progress the young players on the team.

To see the full podcast, it's right here:

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Criticized by some players because of a particular decision, Martin St. Louis perfectly addressed the situation

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