Arber Xhekaj and Daniel Brière
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Daniel Brière tried to outsmart Kent Hughes and acquire Arber Xhekaj

Published January 23, 2024 at 10:20

When Arber Xhekaj was sent to Laval, rumors about him were swirling everywhere. The logical assumption was that Jayden Struble had taken his place in the lineup since he was playing well and being used in his position, in addition to bringing a physical dimension.

However, Kent Hughes reassured fans by stating that the plan was not to trade Arber, but in such situations, one can never be certain. Plans can change quickly with the right offer.

Speaking of a good offer, Daniel Brière was reportedly willing to offer a lot to acquire him. This is what Elliotte Friedman believes.

Friedman talking teams calling Habs about Arber Xhekaj (32TP): "I wouldn't be surprised if Philly was one of those teams, I don't know if it was a (Cutter) Gauthier deal or something else, but it makes a lot of sense. If Xhekaj is not going to be a Canadien, man he's a Flyer"

He seems convinced that Daniel Brière tried his luck to acquire Xhekaj, even suggesting that he offered the 5th overall pick in 2022, Cutter Gauthier.

Now knowing that Gauthier does not want to play for a Canadian team and would likely have refused to report to the Habs, just as he did with the Flyers, it can be said that Kent Hughes narrowly avoided a tricky situation.

This still attests to the high value of Xhekaj. The sheriff is highly regarded in the league, and if Hughes had indeed intended to trade him, he could have fetched an excellent return.

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Daniel Brière tried to outsmart Kent Hughes and acquire Arber Xhekaj

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