Extremely rare statement from Martin St-Louis, and it involves Samuel Montembeault

Published November 27, 2023 at 3:00 PM
Since becoming the head coach of the Canadiens, Martin St-Louis has accustomed us to many things, including eloquent speeches, sometimes questionable but accurate comparisons, and above all, he conveys his passion for the sport.

The coach is still learning the ropes of the job, and he doesn't hide it. However, what he likes to keep under wraps is his lineup and starting goaltender, which he always reveals at the last moment.

The team's next match is Wednesday night, and for a rare occasion, we know 48 hours in advance who will be in goal to stop the pucks.

The goaltender carousel continues, as Samuel Montembeault will face the Blue Jackets in Columbus.

Just to let you know, we usually know the identity of the starting goaltender just a few hours before the games, and it's the journalists who rely on the routine of the starter during practice to give us an idea.

To have this information more than 50 hours in advance is surprising, but what is less surprising is to see Monty's name. The perfect rotation between the three goalies continues and continues to generate discussion.

If Kent Hughes intends to sign a multi-season contract with number 35, it might be time to test him for several consecutive games.

The Canadiens' strategy is incomprehensible. We understand that all three goalies need to be showcased to hope for a trade, but the goalie of the future should have the net more often. As Michel Bergeron said over the weekend, the Canadiens lack identity, and in my opinion, the goalie rotation is one of the main reasons.

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Extremely rare statement from Martin St-Louis, and it involves Samuel Montembeault

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