Geoff Molson Made a Historic Statement Regarding the Montreal Canadiens

Published May 18, 2023 at 9:33

In a recent interview, the big boss of the Montreal Canadiens, Geoff Molson, made a historic statement about his team that has never been officially heard before.

He asserted that fans of the Tricolore will need to remain patient, even with a top-5 draft selection. For the first time and without any detour, the owner of the CH admitted that the club is in a rebuilding phase.

"As far as the Canadiens specifically are concerned, it's the first time in our history that we're going through a rebuilding period," he told Journal columnist Marc de Foy.

"I wasn't afraid, but it's a word you don't want to hear," he also declared. "It's not pleasant to say we're starting over. It takes courage and a change in leadership to accomplish what we want." - Geoff Molson

Of course, all fans already knew very well the situation the Canadiens were in, but finally, management is daring to tell the truth about the process with which the organization must deal.

Molson also denied in passing a claim that Canadian teams can't win the Stanley Cup. According to him, the problem is more a matter of management, not nationality.

"I read in the newspapers that it has become impossible for Canadian teams to win the Stanley Cup. But I don't believe in that theory," he said.

"For a team that can't win, managing the salary cap leads to a rebuilding of the roster," he pointed out. "We see it with Edmonton and Toronto. They are performing, but something happened so they haven't yet managed to win the Cup."

"But it has nothing to do with the fact that they are Canadian teams." - Geoff Molson

Hearing this kind of talk from the President of hockey operations at the Canadiens, it seems that the organization will certainly want to learn from the management mistakes of the Maple Leafs and the Oilers, to rebuild its team.

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Geoff Molson Made a Historic Statement Regarding the Montreal Canadiens

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