Geoff Molson just sent a very clear message to his general manager

Published May 3, 2023 at 4:11 PM

The Montreal Canadiens have set a highly undesirable record in the NHL this season. Indeed, Martin St. Louis' team is the one that has missed the most games due to injuries in the entire history of the league.

This morning at the University of Montreal, the team's owner, Geoff Molson, addressed the situation, sending a clear message to Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton.

According to him, the Canadiens' management must absolutely address this issue; otherwise, it will be impossible for the team to win games if they have to deal with so many injuries next season.

"It's never precise to understand exactly why we had injuries. There are several reasons. I won't go into details today, but the important thing is that Jeff and Kent look everywhere to improve health because it will be very difficult to win with so many injuries."

"We will never win with so many injuries. Jeff and Kent said it. We need to look everywhere to find ways to stay healthier. That's the work we need to do this summer."

Geoff Molson is absolutely right!

The Canadiens must find a solution to this precarious situation, which significantly affects the team's performance and the development of young players.

Credit: Habs et LNH
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Geoff Molson just sent a very clear message to his general manager

Do you believe that the injuries within the Canadiens are a series of unfortunate events, or do they indicate that there is something wrong within the organization?

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