Hometown boy David Perron shares an incredible anecdote he experienced Thursday night in tribute to Karl Tremblay

Published November 16, 2023 at 11:13 PM
When we say that Karl Tremblay and Les Cowboys Fringants marked an entire generation of Quebecers, it's far from an exaggeration. Detroit Red Wings forward David Perron was deeply affected by Karl's passing, and he shared a particular anecdote that happened to him on Thursday night.

"I never do this, but Karl has had such an impact on my adolescence that during my game today, I decided to write the initials KT on my stick." - David Perron

It seems like Karl was present with David during his game, as he scored a goal. The next part will give you chills.

In tribute to the song "Les étoiles filantes" (The shooting stars)

"During my goal, the puck deflected off my glove/stick, leaving a mark on my stick about 1/2 inch away from where I wrote KT, and the puck went up like a shooting star before going into the net. Life is well done, it gives you chills!"

- David Perron

It's truly an incredible story, and David will undoubtedly remember it for the rest of his life. Rest in peace, Karl Tremblay.

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