Huge scandal involving Team Canada Junior: the NHL announces that the five players involved will soon be known

Elias Edmonson
August 29, 2023  (12:58)

The scandal involving five players from Team Canada Junior has been a hot topic this summer, and all signs point to the fact that the names of the individuals involved in the scandal will soon be known, and that the NHL will hand out severe suspensions to them.

A few days ago, journalist Martin Leclerc reported that, according to police information obtained by Radio-Canada, the London police were about to file criminal charges against the players involved in this terrible story.
"And as recently as last week, Quebec police sources told Radio-Canada that Ontario police were about to press charges and that it was only a matter of days." - Martin Leclerc

Although the NHL has not responded to this bombshell statement, several journalists have stated that the truth will be revealed very soon. Martin Leclerc had notably mentioned that the independent investigation carried out by the National Hockey League was now completed, implying that the leadership of the NHL already knew the identity of the players concerned.
Finally, the NHL's Deputy Commissioner, Bill Daly, provided a very significant update in an interview with Michael Russo from The Athletic. Indeed, he mentioned that their investigation was not yet complete, but that a final decision would soon be communicated to the NHL teams as well as the players involved.
"No, it's not frustrating because the investigation must take as long as it needs to take. We want to do a thorough job and have all the possible information. It's the right thing to do under the circumstances. I believe we should expect to release the investigation report very soon. Then, regarding the consequences, we are currently in the unknown at the moment. At the risk of sounding redundant, it's coming very soon." - Bill Daly

Relying on the information disclosed by Martin Leclerc, who confirmed that it was just a matter of days before the London police filed criminal charges, combined with Bill Daly's recent statement saying that a final verdict would soon be announced, we can expect that the players involved will be severely punished by the start of training camp.
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Huge scandal involving Team Canada Junior: the NHL announces that the five players involved will soon be known

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