Hughes reveals the real reason why the Canadiens chose Reinbacher over Michkov

Published June 29, 2023 at 8:10

Much to the chagrin of many fans, the Canadiens' management finally set their sights on Austrian defenseman David Reinbacher, while Matvei Michkov was still available at the 5th pick. A decision that clearly did not unite the Tricolor's supporters!

There is no doubt that Reinbacher will become an excellent defenseman in a few years, who could well complete a pair with the talented Lane Hutson on the top four. The 18-year-old has a very good stride for a defender of his size (6'2"/194 pounds) and dominates in defensive territory.

Although Reinbacher's potential is not in question, it's disappointing to see that Kent Hughes didn't wish to take an interesting gamble by selecting the Russian phenomenon. Michkov is considered a generational player, who would notably have been picked first in several drafts over the past ten years. The SKA forward could certainly become a star in the NHL, scoring over 50 goals per season for many years in the NHL.

In this regard, Kent Hughes explained the Tricolor's choice by mentioning that according to the organization, David Reinbacher will have a greater impact than Matvei Michkov on the team's performance in the years to come.

"Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes said choosing Reinbacher over Michkov was due to the organization selecting the player they believed would most help the team in the future. Hughes also stated that forwards like Caufield, Suzuki, and Dach have more potential and more to offer ." - Via Priyanta Emrith

He also made a rather disappointing statement by somewhat admitting that Reinbacher was selected because he filled an immediate need in Martin St-Louis's lineup. The Canadiens have often prioritized this strategy in recent years, drafting a player to fill a need rather than acquiring the best prospect available, and it has been far from a guarantee of success.

"He was ranked very high on our list... If he had been a left-handed defenseman, we might have considered him less, but we don't have as much depth on the right side. — Kent Hughes."

Of course, it's still much too early to confirm anything. It will take several more years before we can judge the situation, but let's just hope that the Canadiens haven't made a monumental mistake that could hurt the organization in the future.

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Hughes reveals the real reason why the Canadiens chose Reinbacher over Michkov

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