Is the CH trying for a home run by drafting a defensemen in the first round?

Published June 24, 2023 at 3:07 PM

There is a lot of talk about the potential player to be drafted by the Montreal Canadiens with their 5th overall pick, but we often forget to mention that the club will have another selection to make at the end of the first round.

While they also hold the 31st pick in the draft, if this pick isn't traded, the Tricolore will have the chance to draft another talented player who could certainly play an important role in the club's lineup in the long term.

One of the players who might still be available at this stage is Quebecer Étienne Morin from the Moncton Wildcats, in the QMJHL.

He is a physically mature offensive defenseman, who stands 6 feet tall and weighs close to 185 pounds.

He delivered an impressive performance of 21 goals and 72 points in only 67 games this season. Thanks to his excellent vision of the game, he is a top-quality quarterback. His shot is a formidable weapon in his arsenal and he uses it very well during games, as evidenced by his goal total this year.

In addition to being excellent at generating offense, Morin is quite good in his own zone as well. He has a good stick to counter offensive threats from opponents.

His most significant flaw is his skating. Even though it's not terrible and he has good mobility, his lack of explosiveness might cause him to slide during the first round, or even early in the second round possibly. The good thing is that he is well aware of this shortcoming and wishes to double his efforts to improve in this area.

Even though he is left-handed and the CH has a surplus of defensemen on this side, he regularly plays on the right side, which would make him an excellent potential choice.

He would certainly be a high-quality catch for the Canadiens, with the 31st or 37th pick held by the organization. His potential is immense and he has even been called the "best defenseman of the 2023 draft" by the NHL Central Scouting Director.

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Is the CH trying for a home run by drafting a defensemen in the first round?

Would you like to see the CH select Étienne Morin with the 31st pick, if he is still available?

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