Journalist's full-on meltdown: "If you're not happy, then leave"

Published December 16, 2023 at 11:35

As you've probably heard in recent days, the "Ligue de hockey junior majeur du Québec" (QMJHL) has changed its name to the "Ligue de hockey junior Maritimes Québec" (Quebec Maritime Junior Hockey League).

It's a change that came out of left field, and we didn't see it coming at all. The new commissioner of the league, Mario Cecchini, decided to make his mark on history.

This change clearly doesn't have unanimous support, and many have opposed it. Renaud Lavoie is among the discontented, and he didn't mince words in expressing his opinion:

"Some people like to pull stunts, you know? But nobody wanted to change that name except for 3 or 4 teams in the Maritimes. You know what? It's called the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. If you're not happy, then leave! We don't need you. Go play somewhere else!"

- Renaud Lavoie

Obviously, this statement has been widely seen and heard, even in the Maritimes. The result is quite unanimous: people are unsubscribing from TVA Sports.

It's important to understand that the league has had the same name for a very long time, and this change has upset some people. On the other hand, it's crucial to remain respectful to the people in the Maritimes, who are also part of the league and are not enemies.



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Journalist's full-on meltdown: "If you're not happy, then leave"

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