Kent Hughes did indeed receive an NHL-caliber player in a trade with the Flames, and it is Emil Heineman

Wilson Salaun
April 9, 2023  (7:23 PM)

Since arriving in North America just over two weeks ago, prospect Emil Heineman has become the main attraction in Laval. Playing alongside Pierrick Dubé and Mitchell Stephens, Heineman wasted no time making an impact with the Rocket, already scoring seven goals and tallying nine points in just eight games.

During his interview on the "La Dose" podcast, Anthony Marcotte, the voice of the Laval Rocket, expressed his immense admiration for Heineman's initial performances in the American Hockey League.
He admitted to being particularly impressed by the power of Heineman's shot, who was acquired in the trade that sent Tyler Toffoli to the Calgary Flames.
Marcotte went further, stating that he believes the Montreal Canadiens have acquired an NHL player in this trade with the Flames, in the form of Emil Heineman. This statement is very exciting, as it suggests that the Habs may have found a quality player for their team. Marcotte even suggested that Heineman could be a serious candidate for the next training camp if he continues to play at this level. This prospect is incredible!
It is important to remember that during the last camp, the Finn had already left a good impression as a player. He had even been one of the last players cut. It is possible that the 2023-2024 season will be the right one for Emil Heineman to earn a spot in the NHL.
All will be revealed next September during the training camp. In the meantime, Heineman has five more games to maintain his performance and help the Rocket qualify for the playoffs.
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