Live update from Nashville regarding a potential trade and the Canadiens' pick

Published June 28, 2023 at 5:23 PM

We are very close to the beginning of the famous NHL Draft and speculations concerning the Canadiens are exploding at the moment.

Everyone in Montreal, but also across the National League, is wondering what Kent Hughes will do with his 5th overall pick.

Could there be a trade involving the selection? The excellent FX Bénard of BPM Sports, who is present in Nashville, has shared his impressions of what's being planned for the Canadiens' draft night.

"My live impressions from Nashville:

Even now, I firmly believe that the CH preferred to move forward rather than back to ensure they get a Fantilli, Carlsson, and Smith."

That's a very interesting impression, but he continues with another piece of information.

"However, I don't see the Canadiens having the necessary resources to climb to the second rank held by the Ducks, I think discussions with the Sharks will continue today."

"If Kent Hughes has to select at the fifth rank and the players mentioned above + Bedard are selected without the CH being able to trade, I believe the team could drop or select Reinbacher or Leonard with the 5th choice."

Of course, all of this is only speculative, given that no one knows the Canadiens' real intentions a few hours before the draft, but it must be said that if the club decides to draft a player other than Matvei Michkov with its 5th pick, the grumbling is likely to be immense among the Tricolore fans.

Let's hope they decide to move back in the draft and take advantage of Michkov's great value to snatch a monstrous offer in return if they don't want to select the Russian phenom.

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Live update from Nashville regarding a potential trade and the Canadiens' pick

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