MAJOR: A second insider has just given fans hope regarding Pierre-Luc Dubois

Published June 26, 2023 at 1:35 PM

In the last few minutes, we've witnessed a possible major twist in the case of Pierre-Luc Dubois' trade to Los Angeles.

Indeed, according to Pierre Lebrun's information, it seems that the Kings' General Manager, Rob Blake, has not yet received permission to discuss a long-term contract extension with Pierre-Luc Dubois' camp.

There's no need to tell you that this revelation raises uncertainties regarding the official conclusion of an agreement between the two teams.

These contract talks [between the Kings and the Dubois camp] have not yet taken place either. The Jets and Kings should both be convinced that a trade is about to be concluded before the Kings start this conversation with the Jets' blessing. - Pierre Lebrun

In connection with Dubois, The Athletic's journalist, Arpon Basu, stated that the Montreal Canadiens would still be very interested in finding a way to acquire his services.

Following up on Pierre's report that Dubois is leaning towards the Kings, I've been told that the Canadiens are still open to finding a way to make the Dubois file work if the talks were to derail. A source close to Dubois said it's too early to count them out, as unlikely as that may seem for now. - Arpon Basu

Well, we just learned that a second informant confirms that the Tricolore would be reengaged in the PLD derby, as there is still no contract extension concluded with the 25-year-old Quebecer. In fact, Darren Dreger just confirmed that Kent Hughes is still in the picture to acquire Dubois.

As ArponBasu suggests below, the Montreal Canadiens are back on PLD. It seemed that LA was clearly a favorite, and maybe that's still the case, but the Canadiens have reengaged.

Wow! It is possible that the CH may not succeed in forcing the Jets' hand, but it must be said that seeing Hughes so determined to make a big move with Dubois is very exciting for Canadiens fans.

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MAJOR: A second insider has just given fans hope regarding Pierre-Luc Dubois

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