Major development with the 4th overall pick that could change everything

Published May 30, 2023 at 12:49

We just learned a very interesting development that could have a huge impact on the 2023 Draft.

Indeed, according to the reputable site The Athletic, the San Jose Sharks would be open to potentially trading their 4th overall pick.

This is very big news that has surfaced and it didn't take long before a connection was made with the Montreal Canadiens.

In the event that Kent Hughes and his team would be wary of selecting Matvei Michkov at the 5th spot, estimating that he should be the last remaining player of the big-5, there could be an opening for the CH to climb up one spot, in order to have the opportunity to choose between Michkov and an Adam Fantilli, a Leo Carlsson, or a Will Smith.

Technically, if the Sharks are interested in moving down one spot, according to a specialized firm that calculated the trade value of a draft pick, Hughes should include the 37th overall pick held by the Canadiens, to move up to the 4th level.

There are some people who believe that the Canadiens should go for it and get the 4th and 5th pick of the class, which would be major for the rebuild. However, we have to be realistic, the club simply does not have the resources to trade to acquire such a pick, given the rebuild and the Sharks' current needs.

Would you dare to trade a Cole Caufield for the 4th overall pick? I think the majority answer would be no.

On the other hand, the idea of moving up one spot could be seriously considered by the Montreal organization, in order to ensure they get an elite player in this exceptional draft.


Credit: HabsetLNH.com
May 30   |   195 answers
Major development with the 4th overall pick that could change everything

Would you trade the 5th and 37th picks to get the 4th and select a player among Carlsson, Fantilli, and Smith?

Yes instantly6030.8 %
Yes, but only if Carlsson is available115.6 %
Yes, but only if Fantilli is available6131.3 %
No6332.3 %
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