Major turn of events: Maple Leafs without a goaltender tonight against the Tampa Bay Lightning?

Published April 11, 2023 at 1:55 PM
As you may know, the situation in Toronto's goalkeeping is very precarious at the moment. Their number one goalie, Ilya Samsonov, sustained a minor injury during the game against the Canadiens, and Toronto finds itself in a rather critical situation.

Last night, Samsonov made 45 saves despite a groin injury. The Maple Leafs will play against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight in a game of no consequence, one week before the start of the playoffs.

Their ranking is definitely established and they have no intention of playing Samsonov tonight. The risks of aggravating his injury are far too high, especially one week before the playoffs.

"Very curious to see who will be in net for TOR at TB tonight. Don't think it will be Samsonov -- nor should he play, doesn't make any sense. So, who does that leave?

If they don't get Woll under emergency conditions...Nick Chenard, who dressed last night, is only eligible for one game under ATO rules. This could really be something." - Elliotte Friedman

Unless the NHL finally allows the emergency recall of goalie Joseph Woll, which Toronto has been requesting for a week, the team will be left without an available goalie to play. If this happens, it would be a first in franchise history.

It should be noted that the NHL may not accept Woll's emergency recall, as it would create a situation that the Leafs themselves have created by exceeding their payroll.

At Toronto's morning practice this morning, Woll was absent.

"The #Leafs haven't started Ilya Samsonov in back-to-back games all season, and had two mystery goalies skate before tonight's completely meaningless game in Tampa.

Someone on an amateur tryout could find himself opposite Andrei Vasilevskiy for Toronto at 7 p.m. ET."

A crazy theory was put forward by an observer:

"Crazy outside the box thought.... Just play the entire game 6-on-5 without a goalie."

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