Mitch Marner's Unexpected Comment Live on Air Charms Canadiens Fans

April 9, 2023  (11:51)

I absolutely have to take a few minutes to talk to you about Mitch Marner.

He is one of the top ten players in the world, he's the most valuable player for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season, yet few people talk about him at his true value.
Marner, who is only 25 years old, has accumulated 98 points this season (30 goals) and he gathered 97 points last season (35 goals).
The most impressive thing about all of this? He is very responsible defensively, he plays on the penalty kill and he is one of the most complete wingers in the league.
The Leafs are lucky to have him.
In short, last night after the game between the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs, Mitch Marner was present on the airwaves of TVA Sports, for a very friendly interview with Dave Morissette, Max Lapierre, and Joël Bouchard.
It is extremely rare to see an opposing player, especially an English-speaking one, make such a gesture for a French-speaking network like TVA Sports. Hats off to him for that.
There more.
See how he ended the interview:
It may seem insignificant, but we really loved it.
He took the time to say a nice little "MERCI" in French, something that Montreal Canadiens players (especially some from a few years ago) didn't even bother doing, ever.
It's a small gesture, but it really pleases the fans and shows a very nice attention from the young player, especially coming from an anglophone who doesn't even play in Montreal.
This says a lot about young Marner, and Montreal Canadiens fans have reacted positively to this on social media.
He even took the time to compliment the Montreal market and the CH fans. A true gentleman Mr. Marner!
Class act!
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