New extremely disturbing details are emerging in the Valeri Nichushkin case

Published May 4, 2023 at 4:36 PM

We have just learned new details in the very troubling case involving Colorado Avalanche forward Valeri Nichushkin.

In a major article published by the Seattle Times, new information on what actually happened provides more insight into the player's sudden departure from the team's entourage during the playoffs.

In fact, the 911 call made on the night in question has been made public, and the Seattle media reports the following.

A member of the Colorado Avalanche team alerted authorities by calling 911 to report a woman in distress in a Seattle hotel room. The content of the call suggested that the victim may have consumed an excessive amount of alcohol or that "her drink had been mixed with something.

The only audio recording of this call was made public following a disclosure request. Although the caller did not identify themselves in the call, police records identified Dr. Bradley Changstrom, the Avalanche team physician, as the caller.

Here is what he said more specifically:

"We suspect that someone has potentially had an alcohol overdose or that something has been mixed in a drink, we don't know yet," says the caller.

When the dispatcher asks if the 28-year-old woman is conscious and awake, the caller replies, "For now, she's hanging on." He then adds, "She's awake for now, but she's weakening."

Wow! These are very disturbing new details!

Since this terrifying situation occurred, the Russian player has completely disappeared from the public eye, after being escorted out of the hotel by security in the middle of the night and taken to the airport.

Another quite troubling fact is that the article also mentions that the woman in question was born in Ukraine but lived for a long time in Russia before ending up in the United States.

A surreal story, especially since it all took place on the road for the Avalanche, and as a reminder, during the playoffs, at the most important time of the season.

Here is the article with all the relevant details:

Credit: HabsetLNH.com
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New extremely disturbing details are emerging in the Valeri Nichushkin case

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