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Pierre Gervais stirs up controversy again: "It made me royally angry"

Published December 30, 2023 at 11:58

The least we can say is that Pierre Gervais's first book has sparked a lot of reaction. We learned a lot about former Canadiens players and staff members, things that many feel should have stayed in the locker room.

Gervais hasn't made many friends in all of this, but he is comfortable with his narratives, written by Mathias Brunet. Now that the second volume is about to be released, a passage is circulating online and it is causing quite a stir once again.

"It made me royally angry. The first time, I wondered what he was trying to tear off until I saw a small Canadian logo at the bottom of the trash can.

One day, I got tired of it.

- Why are you doing this?

He shrugged without answering.

- The United States is bigger and better, is that it?

This player falls into the category of a few not-so-good ones I've encountered over the decades. But he couldn't reach the level of a Cammalleri or a Niinimaa. He wasn't very friendly, but he still treated us with respect.

I don't think his teammates were aware of his scheme because he did it in front of us when he received something new. He won't have made history with the Tricolore. Too bad, however, that we sacrificed a young talented defenseman to get him..."

The circulating post encourages people to try to guess who he is talking about. The majority believe it is Scott Gomez, who was acquired for, among others, Ryan McDonagh.

However, Pierre Gervais worked for the Canadiens for several decades. Many players were acquired for young defensemen while he was there, so it's not really possible to know who he is talking about.

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Pierre Gervais stirs up controversy again: "It made me royally angry"

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