Janne Niinimaa
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Plot twist: Former Montreal Canadiens player heading to prison

Published January 31, 2024 at 5:54 PM

We recently received news about Janne Niinimaa. The former defenseman for the Canadiens has always made headlines as the player acquired in exchange for Mike Ribeiro, a one-sided transaction for the Dallas Stars.

While Ribeiro was a trouble package off the ice, he could be dominant when in action, although not always at 100%.

The Canadiens, in essence, traded one issue for another, as Niinimaa was described as highly disrespectful by Pierre Gervais, and his performance in Montreal was mediocre at best.

The towering Finn has found himself in trouble again, facing charges of tax fraud in his home country, a very serious crime there. He has just been found guilty.

"He has been sentenced to four months of suspended sentence, meaning he can stay out of prison as long as he does not violate any of the conditions of his probation." - Via TVA Sports

In total, Niinimaa earned over 19 million US dollars in his North American career. While we do not know all the details of the charges against him, if he willfully neglected to pay taxes for an extended period, he must be in serious trouble.

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Plot twist: Former Montreal Canadiens player heading to prison

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