Sale of fire for the Canadiens and four veterans on their departure?

Published November 28, 2023 at 11:11
The Canadiens' season has still been good, but once again, the results have been deceptive because they are often tied to a very solid performance by a goalkeeper. Indeed, Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault, and Cayden Primeau have nothing to blame themselves for; on the contrary, they are the main architects of most victories.

On the offensive side, it's quite ordinary. So much so that the idea of being sellers at the trade deadline is increasingly being raised. This is the opinion of Eric Macramalla from TSN.

"It's Groundhog Day. With the Canadiens near the bottom in expected goals and scoring chances, while only being ahead of the Senators in the Atlantic (with the Sens having 5 games in hand), it looks like it's safe to trade Monahan, Dvorak, Allen and Anderson." - Macramalla

Trading Allen is increasingly emphasized, while rumors surrounding Christian Dvorak and Josh Anderson have never really ceased.

As for Monahan, he is currently the one with the highest trade value, and according to Macramalla, Kent Hughes should trade him sooner rather than later.

"And of all the Habs players, Sean Monahan has the highest trade value. Best to trade him soon to avoid the risk of injury." - Macramalla

While we would like to keep him to be part of the leaders with the young players, it must be admitted that we understand why some people wish for his departure to get a good return.

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Sale of fire for the Canadiens and four veterans on their departure?

Who would you trade first among these four veterans?

Jake Allen17252.8 %
Christian Dvorak5416.6 %
Josh Anderson6720.6 %
Sean Monahan3310.1 %
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