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Scott Wheeler made a very interesting statement about Matvei Michkov

Published May 26, 2023 at 1:40 PM

The situation surrounding Matvei Michkov has been widely publicized over the past few weeks. Although the Russian forward has been considered one of the best prospects for several years in the NHL, it would not be surprising if he were selected outside of the top-5, on June 28th.

However, we continue to believe that the Canadiens cannot afford to miss out on a player as promising as Michkov if he is still available when Kent Hughes takes the stage at the draft.

He was simply dominant as an 18-year-old in the KHL this season, who is notably compared by many experts to Nikita Kucherov or Alexander Ovechkin.

During his appearance on the Behind the Play podcast, journalist Scott Wheeler made a major statement about the potential of the Russian forward, mentioning that Michkov could gather more than 100 points per season in the NHL.

"The talent is special. For me, he's the best Russian prospect since 2004 when Alexander Ovechkin and Evgeni Malkin went back-to-back. He's the real deal. He is the kind of player who can post a 100 points season in the prime of his career. I never say that about none McDavid, none Bedard prospect, so that's a testament to how truly talented he is. He's going to be a true star talent in the league." - Scott Wheeler

The Tricolore are desperately looking to add offensive punch to their lineup and there is no doubt that Matvei Michkov could completely transform the Canadiens' attack.

Despite the circumstances surrounding the Russian forward, do you believe that Kent Hughes should draft him in the fifth spot?

May 26   |   190 answers
Scott Wheeler made a very interesting statement about Matvei Michkov

Do you believe that Matvei Michkov has the necessary potential to reach the 100-point mark on a regular basis?

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