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The Canadiens and Kent Hughes announce the recall of a forward

Published January 24, 2024 at 11:22 PM

With only 11 available forwards, including three centers, Kent Hughes had no choice but to make a recall. That's what he did late on Wednesday night.

"Lucas Condotta has been recalled by the Montreal Canadiens."

It's a bit surprising, considering Condotta was playing on the wing with the Rocket. Anthony Marcotte described the situation well a few hours before the recall.

"With Joshua Roy returning to Laval, we can presume a recall from the Canadiens tomorrow. We'll probably wait for the Rocket to play their game tonight before doing so.

If we consider that Stephens and Gignac (no NHL contract) won't be recalled, I see only three options.

It will either be Philippe Maillet, Lucas Condotta, or Lias Andersson.

I think Maillet will get the call. First, he's been on fire since being moved to center. Second, Andersson has only played on the wing this year in Laval. Third, with Stephens' return, we just moved Condotta to the wing. It would be curious to recall him when he's not deemed good enough to stay at his position."

He raises some very good points. Maillet could become the new Alex Belzile, who came to help the Habs last year and did very well. He was 31 years old at the time, just like Maillet.

However, it's Condotta who will get his chance, and he will play on the 4th line, unless there's a general surprise.

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The Canadiens and Kent Hughes announce the recall of a forward

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