The Canadiens' goaltending situation: almost settled for Kent Hughes

Published December 8, 2023 at 1:04 PM

The three-goalie situation continues at the Canadiens, even though Samuel Montembeault has signed a contract extension and had two consecutive starts.

As long as Kent Hughes hasn't traded one of the goalies, there will always be doubts. However, according to Martin McGuire, one case is indeed settled, and the other will be soon.

"The big question is not whether Montembeault is the number one. He is the number one. It's not whether he will be able to play 50, 55 games next year. He will.

The big question is to find out as quickly as possible if Cayden Primeau can play 30 games per year."

Martin McGuire

So, that would be the reason why the three-goalie situation has persisted for so long. The issue is that Primeau and Allen were playing well at the same time, and they both had a poor performance at the same time as well.

So, don't be surprised if both hit the ice in the upcoming games to truly assess once and for all if Primeau can be the trusted man to support Montembeault.

Source: HF
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The Canadiens' goaltending situation: almost settled for Kent Hughes

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