The Canadiens have made a monumental blunder and the repercussions could be catastrophic

Published June 30, 2023 at 11:01

If you have been following the activities of the NHL draft, you have probably witnessed the shockwave that David Reinbacher's selection caused among Montreal Canadiens fans.

In a draft filled with high-quality offensive talent, when phenomenon Matvei Michkov was still available, and the organization held a high pick that fed more than six trade offers, Kent Hughes and his team finally decided to go against the general consensus and cast their lot on the Austrian defenseman.

In the eyes of Habs fans, there were only two valid options on the table: either draft Michkov at the 5th pick or trade the pick, taking advantage of its high value to scoop up a massive offer and move back a little in the first round.

Even the majority of experts, on the day of the first round, began to generally say that by refusing to trade its pick, the club must have decided to select the Russian prodigy.

The fans' bubble quickly burst hearing the slandered name of Reinbacher by Carey Price on the microphone.

If the management had thought to avoid problems by not choosing Michkov, they created very big ones by finally betting on the 18-year-old defenseman.

Indeed, journalists Pierre LeBrun and Arpon Basu have reported that given the magnitude of the major dissatisfaction of the fans regarding the selection of Reinbacher, the Canadiens would not wish him to arrive in North America as early as this year. He received thousands of hate messages privately on his social networks.

"It is unlikely that the Montreal Canadiens will play David Reinbacher in North America this season, as he is receiving thousands of hateful messages from Canadiens fans expressing their displeasure at the 5th overall selection.

The Habs do not want their first-round prospect to be overwhelmed by fans' hatred, which could force them to wait a year before bringing him to Laval (AHL) or Montreal."


Even though I don't appreciate this selection by the Habs with the 5th overall pick, it is totally inconceivable and unacceptable that this young man receives so much hate from fans.

He did nothing to deserve all the dissatisfaction related to his selection, whereas it's supposed to be one of the best days of his life.

Unfortunately, the Montreal organization never considered the impact that this choice could cause among the team's supporters. It just put its new hope in a highly toxic chair.

As popular Twitter contributor, William Leblanc, demonstrated, the club made a blunder by putting Reinbacher in a very delicate position.

"By selecting David Reinbacher, the Habs have put him in an impossible position.

The pressure this kid will face will be suffocating, and I even fear that it might affect his development.

I think they underestimated the environment in which he will be placed.

It's going to be wild."

Imagine if, by neglecting to consider the repercussions of this selection in the public eye and the fans of your team, the Canadiens management had to burn its high pick because of the immense intolerable pressure they unwillingly imposed on him. It would become a catastrophic scenario!

Once again, I strongly denounce all the hateful messages that Reinbacher has received since his selection by the CH. It should also be said that the club never considered the repercussions of this choice, as well as the desire of its fans. The Canadiens could have avoided such a situation by opting for the unanimous choice.

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The Canadiens have made a monumental blunder and the repercussions could be catastrophic

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