The Montreal Canadiens made a very significant hire that went unnoticed

Published November 23, 2023 at 11:55 PM
As you know, players are of paramount importance in a hockey team, but there are many employees who often remain in the shadows and are also very important.

Whether it's therapists, psychologists, or whatever, it takes a very large and competent team to aspire to great honors.

The Canadiens have taken another step in this direction by hiring Jean-François Menard, who is a mental performance coach. One could say that his resume is impressive.

"The Canadiens have added a Mental Performance Coach. Menard received a PhD in Sports Psychology from UofO (let's go Gee-Gees!).
He was then a mental skills coach for Cirque de Soleil where hyperfocus is essential, and went on to coach Canadian Olympians and other athletes."

Andrew Zadarnowski

Having someone like Jean-François in the team's entourage will be of crucial importance, especially since there are many young players, and this will be the case for several years to come.

A very good hire by the Canadiens!

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