The Rangers need the Canadiens to make a transaction similar to the Sean Monahan 2.0

Elias Adaime
May 23, 2023  (11:03)

The New York Rangers will have to make several big decisions during the offseason, especially because they have multiple free agents to re-sign, some of whom will demand a salary increase compared to this year.

However, with several significant contracts already on the books, the management would like to unload an undesirable contract, and a specific name is rumored to be on the market in the Big Apple.
Indeed, according to New York journalist Arthur Staple, the Rangers would like to trade Barclay Goodrow this summer to free themselves from his contract, which is valid for another four seasons at $3.641 million annually.
In order to facilitate a trade, Staple suggests that a second round pick would be added to Goodrow.
Of course, considering that the Canadiens made a similar trade last year with Sean Monahan, many have speculated a potential link between the two teams.
However, it should be noted that Goodrow has not just one more year remaining on his contract, but rather four, which makes him significantly less attractive to the Habs as well as other teams. Kent Hughes would not be able to easily trade him at the trade deadline.
Furthermore, Goodrow is 31 years old, which does not align with the organization's plan. Additionally, he is a depth forward who primarily plays on the bottom two lines of a lineup. The Canadiens already have several players who fulfill that role in Montreal.
In our opinion, to absorb a multi-season contract like this, it would take much more than a simple second-round pick, which has little value compared to the salary burden taken on by the Canadiens.
In 82 games this season, Goodrow recorded 11 goals and 31 points. He added one goal in seven playoff games.
If you were in Kent Hughes' position, would you make this trade?

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The Rangers need the Canadiens to make a transaction similar to the Sean Monahan 2.0

Would you accept the contract of Barclay Goodrow + a second round pick in exchange for future considerations?

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