Trade between Montreal and Colorado: Kent Hughes has acquired a top-tier forward

Published July 18, 2023 at 8:23
The General Manager of the Canadiens, Kent Hughes, had repeatedly mentioned that if an opportunity arose, he would seriously consider the possibility of making another trade to improve the Canadiens' lineup.

Kent Hughes finally kept his word by acquiring 22-year-old forward Alex Newhook a few hours before the draft. Once again, the Canadiens did not pay an exorbitant price to acquire a highly promising forward, sending a first-round pick, a second-round pick, and Gianni Fairbrother to the Colorado Avalanche.

While fans of the Canadiens were ecstatic following the Kirby Dach trade, reactions were more mixed when the Alex Newhook transaction was announced. However, as mentioned by Eric Engels of Sportsnet, the statistics of the St. John's-born center surpass those of Kirby Dach prior to his acquisition. Newhook, in particular, signed a less lucrative contract than number 77.

Could Alex Newhook have a similar impact to Kirby Dach next season? That is highly probable.

"Alex Newhook arrives at the Canadiens with 27 goals, 66 points in 159 games. He also has a Stanley Cup. Kirby Dach arrived at the Canadiens (last year) with 19 goals, 59 points in 152 games. Newhook has a career average of 0.41 points per game. Dach averaged 0.39 points per game in his career. Newhook signed a four-year contract with an annual salary of $2.9 million, while Dach signed a four-season contract with an annual salary of $3.36 million." - Eric Engels

This statement demonstrates how acquiring Alex Newhook represents a very interesting gamble for the Canadiens. It would not be surprising if this trade turns out to be a big win for the organization. Moreover, at just $2.9 million per year, the newcomer could become a true bargain in the NHL.

Let's give the young player a chance to prove himself before drawing pessimistic conclusions about him. We might be pleasantly surprised by his talent next year.

Credits : Habs et LNH
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