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A lot of hypocrites in the whole story surrounding Martin St-Louis of the Montreal Canadiens

Published March 21, 2024 at 3:08 PM

Since Martin St-Louis's departure as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, reactions have been numerous and positive, but there are also some hypocritical individuals.

This is what Max Truman denounces, who seems to have privileged information about the situation but only reveals what is already public. I must sincerely acknowledge his discretion because we're talking about the privacy of an entire family here; a very influential and respected family.

Max has all my respect for this, and also for exposing the hypocrisy of some people who reach out to him to know more. Here's what the co-host of the Stanley25 podcast had to say on the subject:

"It's crazy how people text me to know the truth, the reason for Martin St-Louis's absence, and these are the same people who later play the pure ones on social media and say they're not interested (in knowing the reason), and that we shouldn't be interested in that...

But in private, there are about fifteen of you (who are in the media world) who called or texted me (journalists, hosts, columnists, etc.).

I just want us to stop with that.

If the reason for the absence of the head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, who is one of the three most covered individuals in our media every year, who is beloved (Martin St-Louis is adored in Montreal and Quebec) [...], if it doesn't interest you, you're really the exception.

What you do with your curiosity is another story. But it's not true that people aren't interested." - Maxime Truman

I can confirm his words simply with all the love you give to Martin and his family through articles and publications on this site and many others.

Continue to show them love; they need it, and it makes a real difference.

To date, what we need to know is that St-Louis is currently with his family, and something happened to his son Mason. A publication came out a few days ago, mentioning that something happened on the ice regarding a collision.

We don't have more details, but everything suggests that there could have been complications following this event.

Source Habs et LNH : Vraie raison du départ de Martin St-Louis et annonce du CH: nous venons d'apprendre que de nombreux journalistes ont été hypocrites
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A lot of hypocrites in the whole story surrounding Martin St-Louis of the Montreal Canadiens

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