Brandon Gignac
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Alarming Scene and Facial Injury for Canadiens' Center

Published February 20, 2024 at 12:02

It's very unfortunate when a player gets injured, and it's even more concerning when it happens during practice. Brandon Gignac was hit in the face by a puck this Tuesday, and it's quite worrisome.

"Struck in the face by a puck, Brandon Gignac left for the locker room." - Renaud Lavoie

The Canadiens don't have a lot of depth at the center position, and the organization holds Gignac in high regard. It would be unfortunate if he were to be injured.

However, there is good news as he returned towards the end of the practice. Fortunately, it seems to be more of a scare than a serious injury in his case.

"Gignac is back on the ice."

We know that hockey players are warriors and have a high tolerance for pain. The Hometown forward has just proven that he is no exception to the rule.

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Alarming Scene and Facial Injury for Canadiens' Center

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