A hometown player reveals troubling information about Trevor Zegras

Carl Vaillancourt
June 16, 2024  (6:19 PM)

Trevor Zegras
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Former teammate of Trevor Zegras with the Anaheim Ducks, Quebec forward Maxime Comtois gave a generous interview during his appearance on the podcast "Sans restriction".

The revelations made by Comtois are likely to concern the decision-makers of the Canadiens.
According to Comtois, Trevor Zegras has a lot of offensive talent, but he is far from being the most complete player on the ice. In other words, several aspects of his game need desirable improvements.
Maxime Comtois discusses Trevor Zegras, whose name is linked to Kent Hughes and the Montreal Canadiens via trade.
Here is a brief excerpt from the lengthy response offered by the hometown player in the interview:
"I think he'll have a good adjustment period if he comes to Montreal. He's a guy who is extremely offensive and good with the puck, he's a playmaker. He will rack up points.

The only thing is that he is so offensive that sometimes he forgets there's a defensive zone." - Maxime Comtois

In other words, the ice is tilted more towards one side. Players with great offensive talent often have this unfortunate tendency to neglect defensive duties or not be fully engaged in their own zone.
It should be noted that both players were seen as the future of the Anaheim Ducks, but the Quebecer experienced a significant downturn that led to a stint in the minors, followed by a trade that sent him packing to new destinations.
The glass is not half empty, however, as the former teammate of Trevor Zegras with the Anaheim Ducks insists on pointing out that the Ducks' 2019 first-round pick possesses excellent stickhandling and incredible skills with the puck.
According to Comtois, the player who is considered one of Cole Caufield's best friends will need to do two things: work harder and be more mindful of his defensive play in his own zone.
At 23 years old, Trevor Zegras was selected ninth overall in the 2019 draft by the Anaheim Ducks. A few picks later, the Montreal Canadiens selected a certain Cole Caufield.
Since entering the NHL, the 23-year-old American has accumulated 154 points in 211 career NHL games, including 55 goals and 99 assists, with his best season being 2022-2023. The Ducks forward had a career-high in assists and points with 42 assists and 65 points in 81 regular-season games. Only Jack Hughes, Matthew Boldy, and Dylan Cozens have scored more points than Trevor Zegras in the 2019 class.
Although his 2023-2024 season was marred by health issues, he finished with a modest 15 points in 31 games. However, he seemed to have regained his touch with an 8-point streak in 8 games at the end of the 2023-2024 season.
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CH de Montréal: Maxime Comtois reveals the truth about Trevor Zegras
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A hometown player reveals troubling information about Trevor Zegras

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