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Juraj Slafkovsky
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Another highlight of Juraj Slafkovsky is going viral on the web

Published February 9, 2024 at 12:19

It's truly incredible. If you were told that Juraj Slafkovsky is essentially doing the same drills as David Pastrnak, would you be pleased?

That's exactly what the young Slovak is doing right now. Slafkovsky is working with Dr. Shot Glen Tucker, who also worked with David Pastrnak early in his career. The result: he has become one of the best snipers in the NHL year after year.

On Thursday morning, he arrived 25 minutes before his teammates to practice with Glen, and he did the same on Friday morning. Let me tell you that if Dr. Shot decides to work with him day after day, it's because he sees something extraordinary in him, and that's very encouraging.

"Don't overlook the impact of Dr. Shot, who is actually Glen Tucker, on Juraj Slafkovsky's recent successes. Renaud Lavoie discussed the development of the young player and the methods used by the coaching staff." - Via BPM Sports

Slafkovsky is always hungry. He continually seeks improvement. According to his own admission, he wants to keep getting better throughout his career. Wise and very mature words.

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Another highlight of Juraj Slafkovsky is going viral on the web

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