Arber Xhekaj
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Arber Xhekaj demonstrates his class with an unprecedented gesture

Published February 25, 2024 at 1:55 PM

Even though he is a fan favorite at the Bell Centre, Arber Xhekaj has come back down to earth this season. After a rookie season that earned him praise, he returned and faced all sorts of difficulties.

So much so that he had to take a trip to Laval. It proved beneficial, as he has been very good since his return, except for the first two or three games, where he needed to find his rhythm again.

At the beginning of the season, the enforcer was involved in an advertising campaign with the restaurant and microbrewery 'La Chambre,' and they had a burger named after him. Eric Champoux, the owner of the restaurant, had a rather peculiar anecdote to share.

"The guy is so on the ball that when he was sent to the Rocket, he called us to apologize. He thanked us and said that we supported him nonetheless. We stopped our campaigns because we didn't want to bother him with anything. When he came back with the Canadiens, we asked him if he was still interested."

- Éric Champoux in an interview with Max Lalonde on BPM Sports

He was clearly disappointed to take a trip to the American League. He could have felt sorry for himself, but even then, his concerns were not focused on himself but rather on his commitments.

This is the first time I've heard a story like this, and it speaks volumes about the man. It's often said that Kent Hughes values players for their qualities on the ice, but also off the ice. Here's another beautiful example.

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Arber Xhekaj demonstrates his class with an unprecedented gesture

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