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Bold decision by Martin St-Louis, which is not universally agreed upon

Published February 28, 2024 at 12:57

Martin St-Louis' decision to put Samuel Montembeault in the mix on Tuesday night was highly controversial. With the team virtually having no chance of making the playoffs, fans are increasingly hoping for a slide in the standings to secure the best possible draft position.

One can't blame them. If you're going to have a bad season, might as well capitalize on it through the draft. There's a world of difference between a top 5 pick and the rest.

The Canadiens were playing against the Arizona Coyotes, who are one point behind and in a position to select 5th overall. As it turned out, Monty stole the game, and the Habs won, much to the chagrin of many fans.

When asked about the goalie for Thursday night's game against the Panthers, Martin St-Louis surprised everyone:

"Samuel Montembeault starts against the Panthers, per Martin St-Louis" - Montreal Canadiens

The goalie deserves to be back in the net, but fans are once again dissatisfied. Every time he's in front of the net, the Canadiens have a chance to win, which is not what some fans desire.

However, the coach's role is to put the best lineup on the ice and win games. Therefore, one can't blame Martin St-Louis for wanting to win.

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Bold decision by Martin St-Louis, which is not universally agreed upon

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