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Chantal Machabée in love with a well-known actor?

Published May 5, 2024 at 7:56 PM

It's incredible how quickly rumors spread within the Canadiens' circle, and when we talk about rumors, they really cover all sorts of topics, including Chantal Machabée's love life.

Indeed, the VP Communications of the Canadiens was rumored to be or to have been in a relationship with Marc-André Grondin, the actor who notably played the role of Xavier Laflamme in the movie Goon.

We know that Grondin is in love with Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and that they form a beautiful family, but did he date Chantal before? The actor addressed the question.

"We weren't even aware of this rumor, but know that it's false and always has been." - Marc-André Grondin

It's not a recent rumor, but there was quite a wild one about this subject.

"In fact, about ten years ago, the rumor was that the actor and the journalist had a romantic relationship. Grondin admits it himself: two people asked him the same question in one week to find out if it was true.

However, in an interview with the magazine 7 Jours, Grondin denied the rumor. In fact, he had never met her, so the rumor had surprised him." - DansLesCoulisses

So, we can put this to rest, Chantal Machabée and Marc-André Grondin have never dated.

The good news is that both seem to take it in stride.

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Chantal Machabée in love with a well-known actor?

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