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Controversy involving Cole Caufield in a bar: Major new information

Published February 16, 2024 at 3:19 PM

A few days ago, journalist Réjean Tremblay released news that had a significant impact regarding Cole Caufield, who was alleged to have overindulged in a bar.

"I would just like to point out that it might be time for the real boss of the Canadiens to make a phone call to Serge Savard. The Senator could perhaps give him some advice on the art of controlling the city's most popular bars. There will always be indiscretions, but why not be cautious? For example, Thursday night at Marcus, Cole Caufield had obviously consumed far too much cough syrup. Poor boy, he was quite dizzy." - Réjean Tremblay

As it turns out, this is not at all the true story. The Stanley25 guys dug into the matter and provided very interesting information on what really happened.

"I went to the sources to get the real news. After having a few drinks at the Casino, Caufield and Dvorak, who live together, decide to go out. They are with Chris Wideman, who is no longer playing and will not play again. His family is in St. Louis, so when Chris Wideman is here, he's almost like he's single, so he goes out with the two single kids. The three go out. There's a fourth guy with them (a babysitter or a guy in charge of security at the Canadiens), and this guy approaches Cole Caufield to tell him to come with him as he was heading into a dangerous area. So, he drove him home." - Max Truman

This means that the Canadiens do have a plan in place to help players not "cross the line," and this caretaker did his job before Caufield got too impaired.

"It seems, for real, that Caufield wasn't that dizzy on Thursday. He was a little dizzy, but not that much, let's say. (laughs)" - Max Truman

Players are human beings and have the right to enjoy themselves from time to time. It's a very positive initiative on the part of the Canadiens to hire people to ensure that everything goes well, and it's even better when players make use of this service.

It would have been easy for the three players to keep their plans to themselves and be alone. They decided to use the service wisely.

Source: La Coupe chez nous
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Controversy involving Cole Caufield in a bar: Major new information

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