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Disturbing News about Martin St-Louis: Players Face Tough Times

Published March 17, 2024 at 7:21 PM

The Canadiens face a challenging situation with Martin St-Louis's departure, and it's not without significant reason. He left to be by his son's side, and that's deeply concerning.

"We can easily understand that it's not trivial. You don't leave your team to be with one of your sons for a simple sinus infection. Moreover, we don't know how long St-Louis will have to be absent.

"A loved one's health is much more important than a team's performance. And his players understand this perfectly. Like everyone else," writes Jonathan Bernier in JdeM.

And we're fully behind him. The coach made the right decision to leave for his son, regardless of the ultimate reason. If it's important to him, all of Quebec supports him.

However, his departure leaves a big void in the locker room. We know the Canadiens won't make the playoffs, and losing isn't necessarily bad news as it improves their chances of getting a good player in the draft, but it's the heart and soul of the team that's just left.

"Nevertheless, it's worth wondering what impact this absence will have on the group.

"This belief in progress, in the process, and in a rosy future, this buy-in to the system and concepts by the players, emanates from him.

"Trevor Letowski, who has previously held the position of head coach in the Ontario Hockey League, will do just fine with the X's and O's. But the main instiller of hope, the seller of refrigerators to Eskimos, is St-Louis. (and they'll have to continue without him for now)

"That's the challenge facing the Canadiens. Tuesday night, for example, the Oilers won't let up to be good sports," concludes Jonathan Bernier, JdeM.

The players are professionals and they will respond, but if St-Louis's absence were to continue and the team racks up losses, it will be very tough on their morale. It's a real challenge.

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Disturbing News about Martin St-Louis: Players Face Tough Times

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