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First-round pick acquired by Kent Hughes: The fate improves, and the Canadiens will have more options

Published February 16, 2024 at 10:29

A few days ago, Kent Hughes traded Sean Monahan to the Winnipeg Jets for their first-round pick in 2024 and a conditional 3rd-round pick.

This move, coming just hours after the Elias Lindholm trade to Vancouver, stirred considerable discussion as the Canucks paid a much higher price for an equivalent player. The only difference between the two is that Monahan has a more concerning injury history, but for many, it doesn't justify such a significant loss in value.

Regardless, when looking at the overall picture, Kent Hughes received two first-round picks for a year and a half of Sean Monahan, which is quite favorable.

Regarding the Jets' pick, it could turn out to be very valuable if the team starts losing games. In fact, Monahan's first two games with his new team ended in defeats.

According to Mathias Brunet, the success rate of trading a pick for an established player drops from 50% to 30% from picks 21-31 to picks 31-45. This means that the more the Jets lose, the more Kent Hughes will have a chance to replicate a trade like the one for Kirby Dach.

This seems to be the plan. The Canadiens have too many picks, and they won't be able to sign everyone. It's better to continue trading selections for established players, like Kirby Dach and Alex Newhook.

Speaking of Newhook, Hughes gave up the 31st pick, another 2nd-round pick, and Gianni Fairbrother to acquire him. All because the Florida Panthers made the playoffs in the last game of the season and went on to the Stanley Cup Final, giving their 31st overall pick to the Canadiens.

Imagine if the Jets slide in the standings. Kent Hughes will have much more flexibility.

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First-round pick acquired by Kent Hughes: The fate improves, and the Canadiens will have more options

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